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A Design Build project can be as small a kitchen or a large project like a new home. Design Build is different than the design-bid-build concept. In the design-bid-build you might sketch out a very rough layout and then call a few contractors in to bid your project. During the interviews with the contractors, you may change your design and get a few new ideas for the contractors. When you receive their bids you may think they are all bidding the same plan when in fact each one was changed during the interview stage. They are not bidding the same plan. Thinking they are all the same, you take the lower pricing and find out during construction the contractor did not include the wet bar plumbing. That was the third contractor's idea.

Design Build concept involves drawing a plan. With that plan changes can be made to nail down the construction plan. While drawing out the plan, selection for materials, fixtures and color can be selected while revising the cost to better manage your building budget.


Caton Contracting and Remodeling can offer a no cost consultation for your Design Build project. There is more information about the Design Build process on our web page Design Build.

For the finishing touches, we have partnerships with showrooms that feature fixture for plumbing, electric, cabinetry along with flooring and wall coverings.


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