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Window and door replacement can be done two different ways. One is to remove the existing door slab or window sashes and replace them with a door or window replacement unit. These units fit into the remaining existing window frame or door jamb that was left intact. The new replacement unit can be vinyl, wood, fiberglass or aluminum. This is typically the lest expensive way to replace a window or door. This is a good approach if the existing window or door frame is solid, in good condition and square.

The second approach is to remove the entire existing window or door unit. That is to remove the door slab or window sashes and remove the remaining window frame or door jambs right down to the existing rough opening. Then install a complete door unit or window with frame. This can tend to be more expensive special if the new units are custom made to fit the existing rough opening. Tearing out the entire unit is sometimes necessary if the existing frame is rotten, out of square or not solid enough to hold a replacement unit.


Caton Contracting and Remodeling can offer a no cost consultation to review your windows or doors for replacements. We can offer replacement units or complete tear out and replacement of windows and/or doors.


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